Build an A team: Introduction


Introduction: Being the Kind of Boss People Love to Work For

According to Gallup, only 33 percent of employees are engaged in their work

Personal disruption: A strategy that is centered around leaning: You are start as a beginner, embracing the confusion that comes with being a novice, you experience a state of deep engagement as you learn, grow and gain traction and you feel the joy of mastery once you get to the top of your learning curve. Developing people through repeated disruptions. Because when people are challenged by and engaged in their work, they stay.

Personal disruption in the workplace – the movement of people from one learning curve to the next, one challenge to another – can drive learning, engagement and even innovation.

This book lays out a framework for engaging and motivating employees nu understanding and managing their individual leaning. A learning curve is shaped like an S. At the low end of the curve is the discomfort (and excitement) of the unknown. At the high end of the curve is the confidence (and dullness) of mastery. In the middle, on eat steep part of the curve, is where the magic happens: Where employees are the happiest, learning quickly and highly engaged. This is the sweet spot.


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